Get your pet a tag and a profile

Investing in an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag for your pet with a profile can bring numerous benefits and provide peace of mind for pet owners.

NFC tags allow for instant identification of your pet. By simply tapping the tag with a smartphone or NFC-enabled device, anyone who finds your lost pet can access its profile information immediately. This expedites the process of reuniting you with your furry friend.

An NFC tag can store vital information about your pet, such as its name, your contact details, medical history, vaccinations, and any specific dietary or medical needs. This comprehensive profile ensures that anyone who finds your pet has all the necessary information to provide appropriate care.

while an NFC tag can be a valuable tool for pet identification and retrieval, it should complement, not replace, traditional methods such as microchipping and ID tags. It’s important to consult with your veterinarian and follow local regulations to ensure your pet’s safety and compliance.

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