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Affiliate Marketing Program

Are you looking for a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash?

Look no further! We’re excited to introduce our Affiliate Program, a unique chance for you to become a part of our team and earn commissions by promoting our products. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works:

How does it work?
1. Sign up now!

Signing up for our affiliate program is a breeze. Anyone can join! Simply fill out a form to become an affiliate. No prior experience or special qualifications are required. 

Note : If you have purchased from us before you are already our affiliate no sign up is needed. 

2. Get your personal affiliate link

After your have sign-up, go to My Affiliate dashboard.

How to get there? From Main Menu on top, navigate to Accounts, click or tap My Affiliate. Then, sign-in.

At My Affiliate Dashboard goto Marketing -> Affiliate Link

3. Share your link

Now that you have obtained your link, start sharing it to your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Wechat etc;

When your link is clicked / tapped and purchase is made, we will pay you accordingly.

To see your earning and who have purchased via your link, log in to My Affiliate Dashboard for details.

4. Ranked Commission Structure

As a new affiliate, everyone starts at the Starter rank. This means you’ll earn a commission of 10% on each sale you generate through your unique affiliate link. It’s a great way to begin earning right from the start.

Once your earning reaches RM 2000, you’ll level up to the Premium rank. At this rank, your commission rate increases to 15% for each sale you make.

When your earning reaches RM 5,000, you unlock the prestigious Pro rank. As a Pro affiliate, you’ll enjoy a higher commission rate of 20% on every sale you generate. Your hard work pays off with even greater rewards.

Example Calculation;

If you are a Starter your sale of RM 1,000 will make you RM 100
If you are a Premium your sale of RM 1,000 will make you RM 150
If you are a Pro your sale of RM 1,000 will make you RM 200

5. Recruitment Commission Structure

Another way to earn your commission is via Recruitment, this is always optional, you may choose to ignore.

As our valued affiliate, you have the opportunity to recruit downlines. When your downline makes a sale, you’ll receive a 20% commission from their earnings. It’s a fantastic way to boost your income by leveraging the efforts of others.

If your downline recruits another downline, you’ll receive a 15% commission from their sales. Similarly, if your downline’s downline recruits their own downline, you’ll receive a 10% commission from their sales. It’s a win-win situation that fosters a supportive network.

Example Calculation;

You recruited TOM, TOM recruited JOHN, JOHN recruited JASON, JASON recruited MARY.

TOM is a Pro, his sale of RM 100 will earn him RM 20, You, make 20% of his RM 20.
JOHN is a Premium his sale of RM 100 will earn him RM 15, You, make 15% of his RM 15.
JASON is a Starter, his sale of RM 100 will earn him RM 10, You, make 10% of his RM 10.
Regardless of the Rank of MARY, You, make no commission from MARY’s sale.

Note : In order to have affiliates as your recruits, they need to registered with your Affiliate Link.

Our affiliate program is straightforward, providing you with a clear path to earning potential. Whether you’re just starting or have some experience in affiliate marketing, our program is designed to help you succeed. So, why wait? Sign up today and embark on your journey towards financial growth and success!

Affiliation Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) are a legal agreement between you (“Affiliate”) and Xtend Digital Sdn Bhd (“Xtend”) governing your participation in the Company’s affiliate program (“Program”). By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

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